Wait, what? 🤔

Have you ever wanted to link to a Discord server but never knew how to make it prominent enough or keep it light without loading too much crap? Hop on Discord is a simple tool to add a floating action button that links to your Discord server, which looks very similiar to the UI of Discord.

Here is the beautiful feature list:

I want it. 🔥

For this, you need to know a little bit of HTML.

On the repo, you will find dark and light mode snippets. Choose whatever you like best. On the site, here, we have dark mode, but for the white mode that doesn't burn your eyes, head over to eggylyte.com to see what can be done with light mode and custom colors.

There's also a source SCSS (Sass) file, so if you're a developer, you can use that to get some sweet looking Discord action.

Click this linky to go to the GitHub repo! 💻

You can change the images, the text, or anything you want, really. What you see is what you get.

If you need extra help or want a new feature, create an issue on GitHub. I usually reply swiftly, so do it. Do it. Come on. Do it. Do it! I need to find them bugs! 💥

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